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Handmade Ceramic Mug - 10oz

Handmade Ceramic Mug - 10oz


Entirely Handmade 10oz Ceramic Mug

- NOT Dishwasher Safe, handwash only.

- NOT Microwave Safe

- Lead-Free

DISCLAIMER we can't guarantee it is food safe. Do to things that are outside of our control this mug has crazing in the glaze, AKA those little cracks you see in the glaze. 


Glaze Crazing and Food Safety From,bacteria%20if%20not%20sanitized%20regularly.


Crazing is often seen as an interesting visual element, but from a food safety point of view, crazed ware is unacceptable. It is worth noting that even though crazing is considered not food-safe, people have been using crazed wares for centuries without experiencing negative health issues. There have even been scientific studies that show that as long as you wash pieces with crazed surfaces with soap they are just as healthy as non-crazed glazes

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